Copacabana massage

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Hello welcome. Masso therapist marleci rodrigues crt 39, 738 copacabana rio de janeiro. Work with excellent muscle relaxing massage relieving stress, fatigue, ma circulation, kickness and pain in general. Use combined techniques: foot reflexology, vertebral manipulation, capillary massage, facial shiatsu, lingam, prostatic massage. Benefiting in the physical, emotional and social aspects. I serve in a safe place on avenida nossaança de copacabana 610. I also serve home and accommodation hotels on the orla de copacabana. Call and schedule your time by phone number 21-982168905 and 21 967054967.
Empresa Massotera Marleci Rodrigues Copacabana
Nome Marleci Rodrigues Dos Santos
Endereço Avenida Nossa Senhora De Copacabana 610
Bairro Copacabana
Cidade Rio de Janeiro
Estado Rio De Janeiro
País Brasil
Telefone 21 967054967
Celular 21 967054967
Nome Marleci Rodrigues Dos Santos

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