2007 suzuki hayabusa

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  • Foto 1 - 2007 suzuki hayabusa
The king of the hyperbikes is here once again. Man and look at how clean this one is. This hayabusa is an all black example with aftermarket, carbon fiber exhaust. The sound of the 1300cc"s when fired up stirs the soul. The hayabusa´s engine performance is incredible, offering awesome acceleration the instant you twist the throttle, providing performance you have to experience to truly appreciate. The power is incredibly smooth and strong all at the same time. The chassis on these bikes give the impression you are just floating down the road at highway speeds. Even though this bike is mostly all stock, don"t let that stop you from picking through the multitudes of aftermarket pieces to customize it to your liking. This bike offers a perfect base for either just thumbing the starter and going for a ride, or to make your own personalized custom "busa. This bike is fully serviced and inspected, ready to roll.
Empresa Sale
Nome Michael Hill
Cidade Rio de Janero
País Brasil

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Nome Michael Hill

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