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Are you happy with your current level of English? When you speak, is your pronunciation correct? When you write, are you constantly making mistakes with verb tenses, subject object agreement, and adjective placement? When you listen, how much are you really understanding? Are you 100% prepared for your job interviews in English? Do you know the rules for business emails? Can you function in a foreign country where English is required? If you want to greatly improve your English, I can help. I am a native English speaker from the United States, and I have a doctorate in law. I specialize in contracts, and I have impeccable English. I only accept one student per class. I only do classes in person. I have business owners, doctors, lawyers, dentists, executives, managers, graduate students, and similar professionals as clients. Although I speak fluent Portuguese, all classes are held in English. In addition to English classes, I also review and revise academic articles and legal documents, as well as advertising and marketing promotional materials, and I verify translations. If you need to improve your English, or you need one of the other services that I provide, please send me a message (iniciar chat) in English, ou pode escrever em portugues, se voce quiser. Kind regards, Russell - Aulas de ingles, individuais, presenciais, nativo, Campinas, americano, classes, dos EUA, particulares, intensivo, travel, viagens, intercambio, imersao, immersion, entrevistas, estrangeiro, advogado, contratos, doutorado, juridico, business, legal
Nome Russell Kurtz
Cidade Campinas
Estado Sao Paulo
País Brasil
Nome Russell Kurtz

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